First of all, I need to explain an issue that some of you may have experienced over the past few months.

For those who were subscribed to this site, and there were hundreds of you, some had stopped receiving daily email updates from this site which get delivered to your inbox. This was a problem that had been ongoing for a few months, and some of you contacted me to tell me you had not been getting my emails for a while. I had looked into the problem but couldn’t find an obvious answer why. So time rolled on a bit and up came the revamp for DGB 4.0. This seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for my daily emails as many more of you reported that you stopped getting updates altogether.

Start Again

My subscriptions were in a right old mess. It seems in the background that spammers had managed to overload the back end of the site by having thousands of spam users sign up to the site, which more or less mucked up the whole system good and proper. So there was very little I could do at this point than to scrap it and start again.

That’s what I did. I found a simple email subscription tool I could add to the website which would send out a daily email update with a new post on each day as you have all come to expect. However the down side is that I am going to have to ask you all to subscribe once again :-(

I’ve kept it nice and simple though. All you need to do to subscribe is to enter your email address, first name and last name. Then the next bit is important: remember to click the confirmation link that is sent to you via email! You won’t be activated and receive email updates until you do.

You can subscribe in three places on the website:

Sliding Bar


See that little white cross in the top right corner? Click that to bring the bar down to reveal the subscription box.

On Any Page


You can find the subscription bar on any page of DGB. It will always be on the right hand side, at the top.

In The Footer


If you scroll down right at the bottom on any page on this site, you’ll find the subscription box there too!

Your inbox will be sent a daily email update at 9am every morning with the latest post from DGB. But remember, you must click that link in the confirmation email you are sent in order to get these daily updates. If you don’t, you won’t get anything from the site.

So please accept my apologies if you haven’t had any email updates from myself for the past few months. If you wish to receive daily updates from this site, please subscribe using the methods above.