Something a little different for today’s post, a video. I found this small Israeli company, based in Tel Aviv, who specialise in glass technology. They are called Gauzy and this video shows us what is possible with glass using technologies that already exist today:

Transparent solar cell controlled glass, see-through fridges that let you see what you have…or don’t have, glass partitions that can be turned private at the flick of a finger are all exciting possibilities.

Personalised shop windows, shaded car windows also point to commercial possibilities. The key to a product being able to work both in a residential and commercial sense is making it easy to integrate into the existing crop of products in use in homes and commercial buildings. Companies like Gauzy need to work with the major glass companies to find a way for successful integration on a massive scale. If they crack that nut, they stand to make a fortune, and our own interaction with glass surfaces will change forever.

After seeing that video, what other applications do you think this technology would be fit for? All comments and suggestions welcome in the section below.

You can find out more about Gauzy here: