The demand for colour is rising. Fact. Whether it be in funky entrance doors, windows, orangeries or Loggias, customers are looking for something different from their home improvements. They want to change the look of their property, sometimes drastically. Coloured new windows and doors have a big part to play in that. This is something that is going to increase in the years to come as white falls out of popularity with homeowners. So, the question is: are you letting this change slip you by?

Finding The Right Supplier

If you’re not diving into colour, why not? It is opening up a whole new world of custom designs, eye catching entrances and stunning glazed extensions. But if you are wanting to get into colour and open up a new sector in your local market, you’re going to need to find a good colouring facility. This is where a company like Kolorseal can help you break through.

With a decade in business, and over 20 years experience in spraying PVCu and metal products, partnering with a business like Kolorseal would allows your business a steady but firm first foot into the bespoke colouring sector. Going into a new market is a tough task sometimes, which is why using a business with experience and quality, helping to show you the ropes, can be as valuable as the extra business you bring in.

Support And Expertise

The problem with the colour market is it isn’t exactly limited. There isn’t a range of what you could call “standard colours”. Far from it. With RAL, BS and even Farrow & Ball colour ranges available to homeowners now, the sheer amount of choice is probably excessive. Still, if you’re a homeowner, you don’t care, as long as you get what you want. So it’s important if you’re an installer and wanting to be able to show choice and range clearly and confidently, your spraying supplier helps you with that and gives you support.

The Kolorseal website has a very simple to use, but effective design tool which allows you to view a sample home, and change the colour of the windows and door according to the colour range and colour itself:

This can be a fantastic tool to use in front of the homeowner to be able to demonstrate the potential of a particular colour, as well as help educate them as to the process of colouring a window too.

Don’t worry about logistics either. Kolorseal even offer a service where they will pick up your frames that need spraying and return them to you all sprayed up and ready to go. No need to drop anything off which takes up valuable time from your day.

Think colours are a passing phase? You’re very wrong. Think they’re here to stay and become massive? You’re right. If you’re wanting to tap into this profitable new and powerful market, you’re going to need a quality business to do so, that’s where Kolorseal can help with that.

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