Now that Germany has won the World Cup, and deservedly so, it is time for the greatest World Cup ever to come to an end. It is also at this time of year that the school year starts to wind down. All those commutes held up with thousands of kids going to school, edging to work at a steady 5mph – all gone for a swift six weeks. You might actually end up getting into the office a tad earlier. But whilst we’re all about to enjoy easier commutes to work, do the long summer school breaks benefit or hinder our industry?

Help Or Hinder?

If you’re a student, this is the time of year you most look forward to. Doing anything and nothing for a month and a half. But if you’re a parent, especially with younger kids, this can sometimes be a nightmare. Childcare becomes the main issue, and the added expense that costs. Or if you’re at home as well, it’s probably not that easy to keep them entertained for such a long period of time. So does all that extra attention on home life distract people away from business? In the case of our industry, I would say that yes it does.

It’s easy while kids are at school for parents to wander round a showroom or have someone visit them at their home to measure up for some new windows and doors. They’re not distracted and they can focus on the task at hand properly. But when kids are off school, it’s not so easy to drag them round a showroom for an hour, especially if they are young and after mum and dad’s attention at all times. So you can see why some parents would put off having new windows and doors fitted until after they are back at school again.

During these coming weeks, I expect lead levels to fluctuate between steady and low. In previous years during this same period, that is exactly how I have found it. Especially when at the start when the kids are off in that first fortnight. Leads are erratic, and tend to be the older generations whose kids have left home and started their own journeys in life. In the height of the splendid British summer, a six week break isn’t always a welcome thing.

Getting On With It

For some though, it won’t matter much at all. Many will find that the break doesn’t affect their business at all. Leads will be as expected at this time of year, and so will sales. I guess its different in various areas.

Some tell me that the school holidays are great for them. They say they’re generally busy and that parents just get on with it a bring their kids to the showrooms whether they like it or not.

For me I can’t see it though. Not only are kids off school, but many will leave the country to go on holidays before the new term starts. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions will do this, and you have to expect that this will have some sort of impact, especially on the regional and national companies.

I think for smaller businesses, the school break is less damaging. A small business doesn’t generally need massive amounts of sales to keep the cogs turning, so a slight drop in activity for a generally short period of time won’t be so bad. If you’re a nation-wide business however with staff and offices up and down the UK, a big slow down can be quite a tricky road to navigate.

Still, these holidays are here to stay, so there’s not much we can do about it other than keep our heads down and keeping grinding on.

Do you think the six week school break is good or bad for business? All comments welcome in the section below.