Regular and keen-eyed readers will have noticed that DGB sponsor Value Doors UK has announced a next day door service UK wide here on this website. An announcement that drew a few comments on Twitter. But given the way the world operates right now, demanding everything as quickly as possible, is it only right to expect that at some point in the future, windows and doors in general could soon be available on an uber quick turnaround?

Automated Systems

Windows and doors have always been made to measure products, unless you buy them off the shelf from B&Q or Wickes. They require the efforts of a human being to measure the opening, decide the spec with the customer and send the order to the manufacturer. This takes time. What also takes time is the process to manufacture the product as well. This requires a mix of machine and human input to turn an order into the physical product, ready to be delivered to site. This is where these processes need to become automated if a next day service is to become a reality.

There are suppliers out there investing heavily in online systems which allow for online ordering, which goes straight into their manufacturing process, cutting out the time taken for a person to check and process that same order. There are certain door companies which already do this, as well as some window manufacturers having a stab at it as well. I guess the only down side to this is that we’re starting to take people, therefore jobs, out of the system. Good for the company as it costs them less long term. Bad for that person that the technology has replaced.

But it’s the future. Being able to order all sorts of items online is now very normal, not a fad or a rising trend. It was only a matter of time before windows and doors joined the fold and could be ordered easily online too.

Here’s The Difficult Bit…

Automated systems are the easy bit, it’s the logistical side of things that is going to take some organising.

Some of you may know that Origin, manufacturers of aluminium bi-folding doors, have a system where they can turn around a set of doors in a day. Their system works by planning their deliveries around the requirements of their installers. Those that need them quickest get them first, those that don’t need them for weeks get them much later. It sounds simple, but trust me, it takes some very detailed planning and a small mistake in the scheduling can make a big difference.

If anyone at Origin is reading, please feel free to correct me if I got any of the above wrong!

Any next day system, whether it’s windows and doors, kettles, furniture, phones or dog food, requires careful planning and a delivery system that is constantly monitored and easily adaptable. It’s a big undertaking. However, get the logistics right and implement a reliable automated system, and you should have the makings of a next day delivery service.

Whats The Point?

Some may question why a next day service for windows and doors is required. For most homeowners, they are quite prepared to wait a few weeks. But the overall technological advancements is what is dictating this. To not be able to order something online and get is quickly now seems odd. Remember we have companies like Amazon where you can buy pretty much anything and have it next day, as well as many other stores of course. It is this which is going to lead homeowners to expect to have windows and doors quickly.