We live in a world now where we expect everything as quickly as possible. For example, you can order something from Amazon on a Monday and have it delivered to your door on Tuesday. Even with groceries now, you can order from the supermarkets and have it delivered to your door the next day, or on a day of your choosing, meaning you don’t have to drag yourself round the aisles round the dawdlers and browsers. So with the ability to order almost everything and have it almost instantly, is it not time we were able to do this with doors? Looks like Value Doors UK thinks so.

Made To Measure, Next Day

Value Doors UK has announced that it is introducing a made to measure, next day door service that will operate throughout the country. Specifically, Value Doors UK are making 24 PVCu door styles available in this next day service, all of which will come with multi-point locking and 3 keys supplied as standard. They will also be making some high security upgrades available at an extra charge, and will also include items like letter plates and door knockers.

Importantly, and dependent on the circumstance, Value Doors UK will also be offering a next day installation service too. There are certain situations where a service like this will be a god send. We’re thinking about scenarios such as landlords and tradesmen who are on jobs where something might have gone wrong and they are in desperate need of a quick fix in order to keep the job going. Being able to order a door and have it fitted in 24 hours is an immensely quick turnaround.

Crucially, to qualify for this service, you’ll need to be ordering your doors before 2:30pm the previous day. Prices are also set to start from as little as £245+VAT.

Sign Of The Times

Value Doors UK launching a next day service is a sign of the times we live in. They have recognised that the world around us is changing and that products and services we used to wait for are now just a few quick clicks away. So I guess they are challenging the long standing idea that waiting weeks for items like new doors is the norm.

Founding Director Graeme Pogue said “We have often received calls from distressed landlords and homeowners after a break-in to their property, desperately needing an urgent solution. We’re delighted to have this service up and running.”

Sales Director David Wilkinson added “We’re proud of the range available to customers under this industry leading scheme. We can cater to a wide range of tastes with the varying door styles offered.”

The supply only option of this service is perfect for landlords and tradesmen along the M62 corridor, with Value Doors positioned just off of this motorway in Leeds.

When you look at the UK door industry as a whole, you can count on your hand how many offer such a service. In the future, I can see this sort of service becoming more popular. When consumers are getting used to having almost anything from anywhere instantly, they are going to expect to have doors in a similarly quick turnaround time; so this seems a perfect time for Value Doors UK to launch such a service.