Last week Zach Ward, sales manager at Insight Data, the data supplier for the glazing and building industry, discussed the important role of data in building a successful marketing campaign.

This week Zach goes on to explain how ‘live data’ can increase response by 50% or even 100% in some cases, while helping to protect your brand and reputation.

“It seems crazy that some companies invest in a marketing campaign and then use an old customer list, a scraped-together spreadsheet of records taken from the internet, or a data list they bought six months ago. This doesn’t just waste time, money and resources, but it can actually harm your reputation.”

No longer trading

There are over 1,200 business changes every month in the glazing industry alone. Using an out-of-date data list means you’ll be targeting businesses that have moved, ceased trading or had management/contact changes. Worst of all is sending marketing material to someone who may have passed away.

Insight Data customers use Salestracker, an online database portal that is updated live in real-time using 7 different update methods, including a call centre that makes 20,000 calls per month.

Every time a company runs an email campaign, direct mailer or telesales campaign, the data is always up to date and results increase spectacularly – emails get delivered to the right people and direct mailers end up on people’s desks rather than the bin. This one small change – switching to live data – can generate dozens of extra enquiries and thousands of pounds in additional revenue.

Unscrupulous data suppliers

Beware of data companies pretending to offer live data. Some unscrupulous data suppliers use an online portal but only refresh the data within it every six months, which means out-of-date data and poor marketing results.  Live data means clients see updates in real-time, as the records are amended.

Live marketing data has other benefits. Targeting a newly appointed senior manager or director in a business will show you are on the ball at a time when they are likely to want to make a difference by introducing new products, services or suppliers. Live data also provides a competitive edge – for example, with Insight Data our researchers can add a new company or record at 9AM, and Salestracker users can be targeting them at 9:05 – months before your competitors are even aware of the new business.

Access to Salestracker is fast and easy; users simply log-on from any internet enabled computer, laptop or tablet, select the target audience and within seconds export fresh data for use in marketing campaigns.

There are over 60,000 contacts in Salestracker, with detailed information on fabricators, installers, glass companies, builders and specifiers.  For more information on Salestracker and the benefits of using live data, contact Zach on 01934 808293 or book a free demo at