Conventional double glazing isn’t suited to every project. Sometimes the situation calls for the use of specialist glazing; this could be anything from trying to find glazing that can accommodate a cat-flap to sourcing stained glass for a feature window.

Adding different glass designs to your range is a simple way to increase demand for your services and add value to your products. It can also make your product range unique, and help you to tap into a relatively undisturbed market. Here are 5 types of innovative specialist glazing that your customers will be asking you for this year.

1. Solar Glass

Solar control glass, to give it its full name, is used to minimise the effects of excessive solar gain and glare. Using an advanced coating, it works in three ways: it reflects solar radiation back into the atmosphere, keeping a property cool, it transmits a proportion of solar radiation through the glass, keeping a property warm, and it absorbs a proportion of this radiation. This means that solar control glass is able to balance temperature in a room, making it an attractive innovation for south-facing windows.

2. Triple Glazing

Homeowners are coming to view triple glazing as a worthwhile investment to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Triple glazing is fast becoming a popular product in the industry, and as technology becomes increasingly developed demand is expected to rocket. We supply Planitherm 36mm and 44mm triple glazed units with low emissivity coatings and argon gas filling, to further improve its excellent thermal retention properties.

3. Unique Glass Designs

Offering unique glass designs for top lights and feature windows can really make you stand out from your competitors. With a wide range of options to choose from such as stained glass, decorative glazing and leaded glass, it’s never been easier to create your own custom glass designs. We can create bespoke glass pieces in double and triple glazed units to any shape and size.

4. Integral Blinds

Windows fitted with integral blinds are an innovation that has proved popular with homeowners over the last few years. Fitted inside the sealed unit itself, the set of blinds will never need to be cleaned: perfect for homeowners who want a low-maintenance product.

5. Glass units with cat flaps

Glazing technology has developed to such an extent, that it’s now financially viable to fit double glazed glass units with cat flaps. A popular product with homeowners looking to improve the access of their home for their animals, double glazing with cat flaps and dog flaps is still in its infancy, but looks set to become a particularly high demand product.

K Glazing: Specialist glass suppliers in West Yorkshire

In the past trying to find alternative types of glazing for a project was a difficult task, but not an more!

If you’re looking for specialist or bespoke glazing for a project, K Glazing is the perfect company to choose. With over 35 years’ glazing experience, we have all the skills, tools and experience to be able to create unique glass pieces and glazing that will delight your customers. We can create unique pieces of glasswork for almost any domestic application, including stained glass windows, IGUs with integral blinds, toughened glass, decorative glass and even glass with cat flaps.

For more information about our specialist glazing or services, please gives us a call on 01977 700025 or visit our website:

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