I think it’s about time I gave you all a proper “About Me” section on this site. I’m not talking about name or where I live, you all know my name now and I’m not that stupid to blatantly broadcast my home address. This is a post which will shed a bit of light on my likes, hobbies, interests etc and will hopefully demonstrate that I’m not a complete window nerd!

Massive Metal Fan

When it comes to music, I am very much a heavy metal fan. My Google Play Music is crammed full of rock and metal songs. I am a bit closed minded to everything else, not much a fan of everything else. I like the sort of metal music that wants to jump up from the floor and punch you in the face! I am a fan of bands like DevilDriver, Five Finger Death Punch, Slipknot, Machine Head and some very obscure bands that most have probably never heard of. To me it’s actually relaxing. For your listening pleasure, here is an example of the type of stuff I listen to:

A good night out for me is spent at our local rock and metal bar. They usually have live bands on every night we go, the beer is cheap, the company is great and the music is perfect for us.

I don’t have any tattoos or piercings though. Although most metal fans have an array of them, my job means that it’s probably best not to start stretching my ears or getting a full sleeve tattoo on my right hand. Can’t imagine what dear Mr & Mrs Smith might make of that.

Sports Fan

I am a massive sports fan. I’m into anything really. Football, rugby (both codes), cricket, tennis, badminton, snooker, pool, darts, boxing, Formula 1, the list goes on. I can get into almost any sport. My girlfriend doesn’t understand how I can watch and get into so many sports. Neither do I really, I just like watching the competition.

When it comes to team, my football team is Bradford and so is my rugby team. I was born there and have supported them ever since I’ve been into sport. Bradford City have had a decent couple of seasons of late, whereas the Bradford Bulls have had very little to cheer about these last few seasons. If you’re from Bradford, it’s a better time to be a football fan than anything else right now!

I would say the only sports I can’t get into would be the American ones. Amrican football is lost on me. I can’t get over the stopping and starting every 8 seconds, there’s no flow to the game. Baseball I find just boring, like a crap version of cricket!

Early Days

A career in the window and door industry wasn’t really on my radar when I was growing up. I was pretty gifted at school, I always had high grades so I suppose I could have really cherry picked which career I would have wanted to go into. Saying that, even as I went into Sixth Form, I hadn’t really made my mind up what I wanted to do. That all changed though when I turned 16.

Halfway through my first year of A-levels, we had acquired the family business. It was a rare opportunity and my Dad took it. It was at that point I saw the chance to earn some money. I was getting bored at college. Although my grades were high, the energy to go forward beyond that first year, and perhaps go to Uni just wasn’t there. It had never attracted me. I had grown bored of being told what to by teachers, I just wanted to get out there and start earning some money!

Away from windows, I had always had a bit of a passion for writing. When I was younger I had had a crack at writing some short stories, and I would always enjoy the writing tasks set at school. So starting a blog and keeping that going has always been pretty easy for me really.


I am a massive food fan. That might sound daft, seen as though we all need to eat in order to survive. But I do love my food. Namely ribs and burgers. If these were the only two types of food left in the world, that would suit me down to the ground. And I eat lots of it at a time. I can finish a full rack of ribs off in less than ten minutes. Which for a guys as vertically challenged as I am is decent pace! I have also been known to eat 6 deserts after a main meal and three quarters of a full size trifle. In fact I ate so much at Chiquitos once I felt drunk and couldn’t move out of my seat for at least 15 minutes!

When it comes to cooking though, Soph is the better on of us two. We do try and eat more healthily when we eat at home and we always cook everything from scratch. Nothing microwaved or pre prepared. Can’t always be greedy!

So, really, I am a greedy mosher who is a bit of a geek with a bit too much to say!