Kolorseal have worked hard to become one of the industries top sprayers of PVCu and aluminium profiles. Their dedication to quality finishes and customer service has earned them a great reputation within the fenestration industry. But you may not be aware that Kolorseal do quite a bit more than just spraying your windows and doors funky colours.

Eurocell Stockists

Kolorseal are in fact a Eurocell stockist, and quite a well stocked one at that. I was surprised myself at how much they did actually offer. As you would expect of any Eurocell stockist, Kolorseal have a wide range, including roofline products, trims, rainwater systems, underground products and a whole of of other ancillary products.

Their range of Eurocell products forms part of a wider trade counter which is on hand to supply tradesmen and businesses with those all important extras as and when they need them. And because it’s Kolorseal, all of the items in the Eurocell range and trade counter can be sprayed to your requirements. A handy service given some of the weird and wonderful colours our industry seems to be churning out these days.

Handy In An Emergency

Lets face it, we all get those jobs where we miss something off, forget to order something or an item gets damaged. It’s a pain. But it’s an even bigger pain when those items might be sprayed to a specific colour and you can’t find it anywhere else at such short notice. This is where Kolorseal being a stockist of Eurocell parts, trims and other ancillary products can come in handy.

If you need foiled or sprayed trims for example, Kolorseal keep these in stock, ensuring that the funky door or windows you have just installed gets to have the trims to match. There’s nothing worse than having to waste time flapping about trying to find a stockist of rare and odd coloured ancillaries – speaking from experience!

Demand for coloured ancillaries will rise

As the popularity for coloured windows and doors continues to rise, the side market of coloured trims, silicones, roofline products and all other ancillary products will also rise. There will always be a need to match frames with trims, whatever colour that may be. This is where having such a well stocked supply of coloured/sprayed ancillary products is going to become a very useful and profitable part of any business.

Kolorseal are also about to celebrate a major milestone next Monday as they reach an impressive 10 years old. I’ll be publishing a post next week expanding on this and analysing exactly why Kolorseal have managed to achieve their success through what has been a very up and down decade.


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