Very much like the launching of a new smartphone or tablet, we had a teaser today of a brand new product about to be launched by systems company Synseal. The product in question is Warmcore:

Their Facebook page originally stated that this was a PVC/aluminium hybrid, although that detail is not there now. So, either leaked detail or simple mistake, you decide. Either way, the photography of the products is good, really good. This is the way I want to see the industry marketed. High end, quality photography, sharp website and something akin to the technology sector. Our products are vital to each and every building in the UK, so lets have our marketing show that off a bit!

Possible hybrid?

What makes me think this will be a hybrid of PVC and aluminium? Well, other than that quick flash of detail on their Facebook page, I think that when it comes to innovation, we might have squeezed out all that we can out of single material systems for the time being. Perhaps its now time to explore properly what can be achieved by combining more than one material.

At Fensterbau this year we saw a timber/PVC/aluminium product. A bit advanced for the times maybe? Or just some very forward thinking? Both I’d say, but one thing is for sure, the industry is about to see a lot more hybrid systems come to the market over the next few years. We’ve had composite windows for a little while now, but it’s fair to say they haven’t taken off in the way some thought they might. However, given this new Warmcore teaser and the effort Synseal have put into their initial releases, it looks like this might be a product we all have to sit up and take note of.

Website screenshots:

What else do we know?

Not a lot really. The date set for launch according to the Warmcore website is November 1st. The site allows you to sign up to make en enquiry and show your interest. Other than that, there is very little else.

What we could probably deduce looking from the pictures shown is that if it is a hybrid, it’s probably going to be an aluminium system externally, with a possible PVC thermal reinforced core – hence the name Warmcore? Until Synseal decide to tell us more, we don’t really know anything else.

However, judging by the professionalism of the teaser site and the images on there, I am anticipating an exciting and high new product. It shall be an interesting launch come November 1st.

Click here to go to Warmcore website.