As Founder, Owner, and Managing Director of Retail Sales at Manchester’s leading double glazing company Malbern Windows, Wayne Clarke’s wealth of experience (he’s worked in the industry since 1978) makes him ideally qualified to shed some light on the double glazing industry. He shares his predictions for the future as well as his tips for making sure you’re getting a top quality installation when you purchase double glazing.

  • What changes have you seen during your time in the industry?

In the early days of double glazing, stepped sealed units were mainly used to convert single glazing to double. This overcame the problem of having a glazing rebate that was too narrow and allowed those living in older builds with wooden frames to benefit from double glazing. Fast forward a few decades and there is now more choice than ever before, not to mention products of a far greater quality available to customers.

  • What are your future predictions for the industry?

Now that double glazing is a mature industry, you can expect to see fewer companies in the future, but more importantly, they will offer a better quality of products, ethics and professionalism.

  • Triple glazing: is it any better than double glazing?

Triple glazing is often touted as a better option nowadays than double glazing, marketed as being able to offer savings on energy bills as well as improved noise reduction – but that’s not to say that it’s any better than double glazing.

  • So does the increased cost not add up to the extra benefits it provides?

In short, no. While triple glazing can offer some extra benefits, there are also several downsides. It’s more expensive, doesn’t offer any more protection against noise pollution than double glazing, and can result in a reduction in light penetration because of the additional glass pane. I wouldn’t recommend triple glazing over double glazing.

  • What percentage of new installations replaces existing double glazing?

I’d say at least 75 per cent of new installation bookings at Malbern Windows are for double glazing replacements, which shows how important it is to get the job done correctly the first time.

  • What percentage of new installations is repeat business?

We see around 50 per cent of repeat business installations. We make it our aim to go the extra mile for our clients, providing them with first class service they can rely on.

  • What sets Malbern Windows apart from everyone else?

Here at Malbern Windows, our caring attitude starts from the top. We aim to always deliver an exceptional and reliable service – one that makes us proud to work for this company. While we’re not always perfect, we certainly keep striving to be so.

  • Do you have a portfolio of previous work you’ve completed for a client? When would this be shown to a prospective client?

We’ve been established for 30 years and during that time we’ve installed thousands of bespoke conservatories and double glazing for our clients, creating a wide array of portfolios along the way. We use these portfolios to give clients a better idea of what it is they’re hoping to buy and have them on hand as and when a client wants to know more about a particular product from our comprehensive range. We’ve even taken some of our clients to see completed installations!

  • How does Malbern Windows deal with the stigma attached to the industry involving pushy salespeople and cheesy sales gimmicks including high prices with big discounts?

We treat our clients in the same way as we’d like to be treated, with respect and good value-for-money quotes. How can any company justify a starting price of £20,000 plus to then offer the same product for less than £5,000? I see this as an insult to the client’s intelligence and would not be comfortable entering into such a business deal.

  • How does Malbern Windows look after clients’ financial interests and any deposits before the work has been completed?

All of our contracts are underwritten for both the deposit paid and for 10 years after completion by an independent insurance company working on an Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected, giving them complete peace of mind.

In summary, here are Wayne’s top tips for making sure you’re getting the best quality double glazing:

  • Choose a renowned and reputable company
  • Check that the work is protected in an Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme
  • Ask to see examples of previous work or check the company’s testimonials page to see how other clients rate them
  • Be wary of deals that sound too good to be true