I try not to mention the NFAs on here too much for fear of blurring the lines between the two projects. But seen as though this is a rather important day in the National Fenestration Awards, I thought I’d make an exception.

Yes today is the final day of voting in the National Fenestration Awards. The industry has been voting from a 13 category shortlists of people and businesses that you all spent most of 2014 helping to compile from your nominations. The response this year has been absolutely amazing. The backing they have had from the sponsors, trade media coverage, increased nominations and massive number of votes as meant that the NFAs have not just grown from 2013, but exploded into the industry.

Back to the point at hand, I can write a proper review of the awards this year later on. A lot of the categories are still very close. Many with just a handful of votes in it, which could be swung one way or another depending on how the votes go. If you want to see your finalists crowned winners, then now is your last chance to get your votes in.

Voting ends at 23:45pm tonight, no ifs, no buts. Once voting has ended, we will know who the 2014 winners are. At that point, arrangements will be made to film the video announcing the winners the day after. Once that video has been edited and polished, we plan to show that video to the world before the end of the working year, most likely at the beginning of the last full working week in December. Keep an eye on the NFA Twitter account and website as we’re going to be posting an official timetable as to what is happening and when.

It’s been really exciting seeing the votes come flooding in the way they have done. With possible winners changing places with each other, almost all categories have been impossible to predict, indicating how strong the candidates have been this year. The shortlists have had some incredible companies and people. Everyone should be proud to have made it to this stage.

Right, that’s all for now on this one. Just make sure that as many of you as possible get your votes in and round off the 2014 NFAs in style!

Click here to go straight to the NFA voting page!