We’re all proud of the work we do (hopefully) and it’s nice to see our work fitted in people’s homes. But we like it even more when those customers of ours take the time to send in their thoughts about your company and the work undertaken. Society at the moment is very quick to complain, so I think the novelty of a positive testimonial means even more now.

For Kolorseal, their customers are more than happy to tell everyone how happy they are with the work they have done. Here is a selection of some of those positive reviews:

Kolorseal have been our paint supplier for over 3 years now and my experiences have been nothing but good. It’s this attention to detail and striving to get things right first time that in my opinion sets them aside from other companies in their marketplace.
Dan Mee, Lister Trade Frames
Thanks Kolorseal for another year of excellence. Absolutely fantastic service. As usual prompt, efficient and reliable.
Tom Swallow, Quickslide
Hurst Plastics have been trading with Kolorseal for 4 years during which time they have demonstrated a consistently high level of service and an exemplary approach to ensuring the supply of a quality product which is “right first time”.
Howard Wilson, Hurst Plastics
Force 8 have used Kolorseal’s services for the past 6 years. Over which time we have found their quality and service to be excellent.
Ben Dean, Force 8

As you can read above, four very positive and glowing reviews from four very established and reputable businesses that can spot a dodgy company themselves a mile away.

The positive reviews like you see above aren’t just vital for the reputation of the business, but are also an important tool in the arsenal of any business when trying to attract new customers. Over anything else, the recommendations from other companies can be one of the most powerful sales tools which doesn’t actually cost you, or in this case Kolorseal any money.

If you’re wanting to break into the colour market, or you’re unhappy with your current spraying supplier, then you might want to have another look at those reviews above then back down at the contact details below.


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