A record month in terms of temperatures and a record month on DGB too! Yes October was a month for reaching new heights, and by the looks of some of your tweets in looks like a few of your have reached new sales highs too, so well done! Here’s my review of October, from a personal and wider perspective too.

DGB reaches new page views record

If you know me you’ll know I like my stats. Numbers fascinate me and they help to tell a story of the progress of a site or business. October saw DGB absolutely smash the old page views record of 24,815 set in July of this year by almost 8k! October actually saw 32,362 page views, averaging over 1000 page views per day.

A big thanks to all readers and those who promoted DGB during October. Visitors and unique visitors also grew by almost 1k on the previous month too. What tends to happen on this site is that the start and end of each year performs strongly, with a dip in the summer months. So at the start of the year, January, February and March see the strongest visitor numbers, then it drops away during the summer as much of the industry gets busier. Then it starts to pick up again near the back end of the year and this is exactly the trend playing out once again.

Industry picks up before Christmas

Humbug or otherwise, you cannot deny that the back end of October saw the start of the rush before Christmas. Homeowners finally getting to the windows and doors part of their long list of house items to get done before Christmas, and they really are getting themselves into gear. For me, I have seen a significant difference between business at the start and end of the months.

Yes it’s that time of year where we’re all frantically searching for that odd day left free in the fitting schedules to fit that new front door for the customer that left it right up to the last minute to get it ordered. No nice relaxing slow down to the Christmas period, head busting right until the very last working day!

The industry will be busy now pretty much until the first week in December where for most it’s probably not worth coming into the office. But you never know, a mild December might see a few extra orders and the New Year looking a bit better than expected!

Sales where they should be

For us guys, we found that the level of sales and leads during October where about where we expected. Thanks to a very strong first 6 months, we’re still way ahead of target. In fact looking at the figures we’re due to hit our target in a couple of weeks I’d say. So anything after that is a bonus.

What this will mean is that when it comes to setting targets, we might have think even more confidently than when we set the 2014 targets. I do expect 2015 to be another year of growth. Looking at all the figures out there, and knowing what has given us good sales this year, I should expect 2015 to edge 2014, not by a lot I don’t think, but I hope that I’ll be able to say we beat 2014’s sales figures at the end of 2015.

How was October for you? Has the warm weather helped or hindered sales? Has the rush for pre-Christmas fitting started for you? As always, all comments are welcome in the section below.