As a DGB resident, you often see me writing about Kolorseal, but not all that often do you get to see the work they do. So instead of reading 500-600 words about them, you get to see the fantastic work they do. And we all like to have a look at the industry’s best work don’t we?

The gallery of images above shows a mix of residential and commercial work. Kolorseal are a business created solely with the purpose of spraying PVC and aluminium products any colour for the UK fenestration sector. Now entering their second decade in business, they have quickly established themselves as the industry experts in window and door colouring.

As the industry continues to grow and the popularity of colour expands quickly, Kolorseal are the company to go to if you’re looking to take coloured windows and doors in your business seriously.


Tel: 01924 454856



Twitter: @kolorseal