It’s been a while since I asked a question on here, so I thought this might make a good one as we start to look to finishing off the year. Which material do you think has experienced the highest rate of growth in 2014? A bit of audience participation is required with this one! It’s simple, out of PVC, timber, aluminium and composite (composite being composite windows rather than the door) which one do you think has increased the most? Use the little poll underneath to leave me your answer. If you have a spare minute and feel compelled, leave any additional comments on this question in the comments section below.

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Personally, when the Insight Data/Purplex industry report comes out for 2014, I expect timber to be coming out on top in terms of the material with the highest growth. I know aluminium will have done well this year, but the bi-fold sector for aluminium seems to be stuttering a bit, so I think will have a negative impact on it. I also think that the rise of the timber alternative sector is taking away some of the energy out of the “standard” PVC market, therefore pegging that back. I think the timber market has been quietly getting on with it’s business in the background, slowly clawing back it’s market share with improved products, better energy efficiency and tapping into a resurgent yearn for timber from the general public.

But, as I am continually reminded by some people, what I could be saying might be a total load of bull! Leave your vote above in this unscientific and snapshot poll and lets see if we can’t find out which material gets the crown for most improved material sector for 2014!