When it comes to glass, we’re all using it a bit differently these days. New products have come on to the market which use glass in a less conventional way we’re used to. Glass balustrading, balconies and staircases are all new products window and doors companies are venturing in to, with quite a steep learning curve I suspect.

Still, these new products look stunning when they are installed and make huge difference to the look of the part of the building they are being fitted to. My own personal favourite out of the three mentioned above is the glass balustrading. It can transform offices, gardens and decking into something pristine and a really nice place to be.

The arrival of these new products to the window and door market has meant the increased sourcing of deeper glass, much deeper than the standard 4mm stuff we have all been fitting in our windows and doors. Balustrading, balconies, staircases etc require glass much thicker than that, with edges smoothed and polished as well. It’s a whole new use for glass and something we’ll all have to get used to if we’re going to start fitting these products more often.

Luckily, if you’re based in the South East of the UK, Ecoglass are on hand to help you with your glass toughening and processing requirements. Glass products required for balustrading, balconies and staircases etc require the glass to be toughened and at some quite chunky depths. Ecoglass have their own toughening plant which is capable of toughening glass from 4mm thick up to 19mm thick. They also have the facility to polish and drill glass, meaning you can use their Ecotuff products for a whole range of uses. All their glass is CE marked in accordance BS EN 12150-2.

Ecoglass have been in the glass industry for over 60 years, and that experience says a lot for the quality of their product and service to the client as well. It’s a very competitive industry that we work in, to have over six decades racked up is a real achievement.

If you’re in the market for a supplier of thicker, toughened and polished glass, why not take a look at their contact details below.

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Company contact details:

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Phone :                                 01603 415400

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