Ecoglass tend to be one of those stand-out companies that are a bit of a beacon for the industry. Anyone who knows them, or is indeed a customer of theirs, will understand that running through all parts of their business is an attitude towards quality. A valuable quality to have, especially when the sector still has some deadwood that plenty would like to see shifted.

Quality first

The issue of quality is one that our industry will always continue to discuss amongst themselves. The better companies determined to dispel the myth that the window and door industry is generally poor, knocking around with the likes of MPs, bankers and Sepp Blatter.

To that end, and continuing Ecoglass’ determination to constantly improve on their high quality, they have recent invested in a Viptotron Quality Scanner. This is how they describe the job of their new piece of fancy kit:

The company has invested in a Vipotron Quality Scanner, primarily it is there to ensure the consistency of quality, the Quality Scanner reliably assumes the task of monitoring glass quality within the glass finishing process. This guarantees each and everyone of our customers uniform, reproducible glass quality.

It’s important for any business to continue to improve and move forward, so with the installation of the Vipotron Quality Scanner, Ecoglass will be hoping that their already high standards will be raised even further.

How their quality control works

Of course a machine alone cannot ensure the quality of all units leaving the factory, there has to be a very good quality control process in place to make sure mistakes and errors are kept to an absolute minimum. Here is how Ecoglass make sure all their IGUs are kept in tip top shape before leaving the factory:

Quality is key for us and key for our customers, any technology that can help improve our quality even more, is always a good thing. We employ one person in a full time role who continually carries out component and finished product testing. All IGU components are continually tested all throughout the shift to ensure optimum performance during manufacture. All finished IGUs are quality controlled for a final time by a team of six people.

It’s fair to say that the quality control process enforced by Ecoglass is thorough. Easily one of the reasons why Ecoglass has become renowned for the quality of their products.

But things like this have to work together. The Vipotron Quality Scanner does the things the human element can’t, but the team Ecoglass employs can do the things the machine can’t. Together though they form a strong bond ensuring the IGUs produced and delivered by Ecoglass are as quality as they can be.

To find out more about Ecoglass, their products and their determination towards quality, visit their website:

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