Ecoglass – Not All Glass Is Created Equal

The market place is becoming increasingly loud with the messages of quality from many companies looking to attract new customers. And that is great. The more our industry can push the quality message the better for everyone involved. But it's becoming harder and harder for companies to stand out from the rest of the crowd. [...]

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SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 II Offers Market Leading Aesthetics & Solar Control Performance

SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II is the latest product from Saint-Gobain Glass to target the premium commercial market, offering specifiers and glass processing companies a thermally efficient ‘to be toughened’ option that features high light transmission, a low solar factor and excellent neutrality. SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II features a unique market leading performance band [...]

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At Ecoglass, Quality Comes Before Anything Else

Ecoglass tend to be one of those stand-out companies that are a bit of a beacon for the industry. Anyone who knows them, or is indeed a customer of theirs, will understand that running through all parts of their business is an attitude towards quality. A valuable quality to have, especially when the sector still [...]

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Conservatory Glazing – Which Glass?

Everyone know that the investment in a conservatory can be a costly one, people will often consider which colour bricks, what frame colour, the colour and type of floor tiles, but very often the customer want be informed about the most important thing and the very thing that can make a huge difference to the [...]

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Pilkington And Saint-Gobain Ranges All In One Place

If you're in the business of fenestration, you probably use the products of two of the biggest glass makers in the UK, Pilkington and Saint-Gobain. These behemoths have been pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency in glass for countless years and have been the main drivers in research and development in glass technology. And you [...]

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Bioclean Glass From Ecoglass

With replacement conservatories on the up in a big way and orangery sales showing signs of life again, the demand for conservatory roof glass is going to rise for quite a while if you believe the latest market reports. If customer's aren't going for solid roofs, then they are going for glass roofs instead. The [...]

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Ready For Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is coming, whether you like the product, believe in it or not. With the major national companies now advertising the product, that is sure to generate public interest. And when public interest starts to gain momentum, so does the demand for the product in question. So, if you're an installer buying in frames [...]

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Ecoglass – Specialists In Toughening And Glass Processing

When it comes to glass, we're all using it a bit differently these days. New products have come on to the market which use glass in a less conventional way we're used to. Glass balustrading, balconies and staircases are all new products window and doors companies are venturing in to, with quite a steep learning [...]

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Reliability As Important As Quality For Ecoglass

You can have the best glass product in the world. It can be the most thermally efficient. It can have the best spacer bars. The lowest U-Value. But if the company supplying the best product in world isn't reliable, what is the point? If they're running late with deliveries all the time, have quality control [...]

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Ecoglass Latest To Work With DGB!

I am very pleased to announce that Ecoglass are the next sponsor to join the growing DGB family of sponsors on the site! For those who may or may not know, Ecoglass were represented by Gaby Mendham at this year's Triple Glazing Question debate at the Ricoh area in April and was by far the [...]

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