Here’s a new feature on DGB that I hope we’ll all have a bit of fun with…

If there is anything that typifies our industry, it is the humble van. It gets our hard working fitters and our good to and fro from offices to site and back. They are the real work horses of the industry. However, within the hoard lies some very special, one of a kind vans that stand out from the crowd. Vans that get the homeowners and all that look at them start to talk. Vans like these:

A. Morris & Son – image provided by Lister Trade Frames

Eden Windows

Eden Windows

These are NOT your ordinary window fitters vans. These are some vans that would look great at a custom van auto show. They have clearly been looked after and are one of a kind work vehicles. They look great. So, with permission sought from the owners of the above, I am starting a new feature on DGB – Industry’s Funkiest Vans. My little mission to find the industry funkiest, coolest, weirdest work vehicles.

If you think you have something special, something unique that no one else might have seen, use the little form below to upload your funky method of transport. There’s nothing to win, it’s just for fun! There are some really awesome looking work vans out there with really proud owners, and I want to find them and show them off to everyone else!

I’m going to run this feature via a page you can find up there on the main menu. It will run for as long as there is interest in it. I’m hoping we’ll get some really funky industry vans up there for us all to have a gander at and maybe inspire some of our own modifications as well. See, the industry isn’t as boring as some people think ;-)

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