I think colours in our industry are going to go through two main phases. Right now we’re in the middle of phase one. This first phase is the popularity of bold, bright colours such as black, blue, red, green, as well as Anthracite Grey and Chartwell Green. How many doors do we see now in black, red, blue or green? Plenty is the answer. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but just as we have seen with white, the appetite for those bolder colours will fade.

What will replace those colours however will be something a little more varied, more specifically, I think we will see more heritage style colours coming to the fore, with paler versions of the already popular colours being used. You could consider Chartwell Green as a heritage colour, also Agate Grey. Both a pale, calm colours suited mostly to traditional properties, but are now making the jump to more mainstream types of homes.

Spraying can unlock colour potential

Here’s the issue however. Suppliers simply cannot stock every single colour in foil options. The RAL chart alone could fill a bedroom wall. So if heritage colours are to succeed in the market place, supply is going to be key. This is where spraying is going to play it’s part.

A company such as Kolorseal, who was set up specifically to spray the industry’s PVC and aluminium products, can help unlock the potential of the colour market if you’re an installer. Your supplier simply cannot carry every single foil option, but spraying your windows and doors will allow your customers to choose their exact shade, to their own tastes, and help you secure the deal.

It’s worth remembering that not every installer will take the time and effort to give their customers the immense choice that colour brings. But if you’re able to approach them and demonstrate that YOUR company, by way of spraying their new windows and doors, can give them exactly what you want. Suddenly you’re winning new business you may never had done previously, and can start to work on increasing that part of your market share.

If you want to unlock the potential of the colour market and get one up on your competition, it might be worth giving Kolorseal a call.


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