I’m finally launching my personal column here on DGB!

This is going to be my place to share my thoughts and opinions on matters away from the world of double glazing. The thought of starting a new blog for such posts did cross my mind. However, the effort and planning that would have taken would not have been worth it. Instead, I have decided to incorporate it into DGB. And lets face it, we all get bored of talking about windows and doors from one time to another, so it’s nice to sit on the loo and read something different for a change!

My personal column will be reserved for absolutely anything, apart from windows and doors, that what the content at the top of the site is for. It will have posts on absolutely anything. It could be sports focused, business, politics, something in the news that fired me up that day and all other subjects.

It’s not something that is going to be updated daily. I’ll only publish posts in this column as and when the ideas come to me, unlike the daily industry posts. All comments will be welcome on these posts just as they are on all of the others I post on DGB.

I hope you’ll enjoy me new personal column section on DGB!