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Personal Column: I Do Not Want Things To Return Back To Normal

I keep hearing "when things go back to normal" or "when will things be normal again?". Plainly, its going to take years for a full recovery back to the world we once knew. But the more I think about it, from a personal, business and social point of view, I don't want things to [...]

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Personal Column: It Will Be Hard To Go Back To Work

This lockdown period has been a chance for us to focus our minds on what is important. Two months, for some it will be a lot more when this is over, to reevaluate our relationships and work/life balance. The coronavirus crisis has certainly been a period of reflection for myself. There has been a [...]

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Personal Column: Mother Nature Reminds Us She Is Boss

We have seen in the past few weeks some very deadly reminders that as humans, although living on this planet, we are very much not the ones in charge. At the end of August we saw Hurrican Harvey slam into Texas as a strong Category 4 storm. The winds were bad, but it was [...]

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Personal Column: The Problem With Looking Young

Looking younger than you actually are is on the surface a good thing to most people. Striving to stay looking young is an aim for a lot of people. Some are lucky enough to achieve it. Some not. For anyone who has met me, you'll know that despite being 28 on Sunday, I look [...]

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Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Business!

A little over a week ago I published a post called "Sterling Falls Further, Why I'm Not Worried". It sparked a debate on Twitter that I perhaps had not expected to be so strong. There are still very strong feelings for many about Brexit, especially with the glazing industry's manufacturing sector as Sterling comes [...]

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Personal Column: TeamGB – A Sporting Force

Wow, what an Olympics TeamGB is having at Rio! I am writing this the morning after watching Laura Trott dominate the Omnium to win Gold and Jason Kenny (finally, after two restarts) win his sixth Gold medal in the Keirin to match the total of Sir Chris Hoy. We were shouting at the TV like [...]

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Personal Column: Tax Story Demonstrates Attitude Towards Wealthy People

This week has seen a fevered attack on the Prime Minister which has seen him publish his personal tax summaries to try and defuse what I think is a very petty row over his tax situation. After watching it all from a distance, it is clear to me that this country is either developing or [...]

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Personal Column: The PM Gets Paid £143,462 And I’m OK With That

MP's and the Prime Minister have taken a lot of flack in recent years, perhaps even more than poor old double glazing sales reps! Perhaps for good reason. It's been a tough old time to be in the UK in recent years. Austerity has been the order of the day for many, and "cuts" is [...]

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Plummeting Oil: Good For Some, But Not All

The commodity route has continued in recent days, with iron ore prices at decade lows. Mining shares are crashing, with Anglo American shedding a staggering 85,000 jobs overs the next two years. Oil has also been on the slide in recent days, hitting 7 year lows on both sides of the pond. West Texas Crude [...]

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I Don’t Understand People’s Beef With The Wealthy

Since the recession and the austerity measures put in place to cut the nation's bills, there has been a lot of big business bashing. Profit has become a dirty word. The wealthy few percent have become a hated demographic. In this country and around the world. But I'm not really sure why. Hate for the [...]

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