The Certified Installer Network (CIN), launched in July 2014 at a high profile industry conference, has exceeded the founder’s end of year target of 100 registered members.

The CIN is a group of leading retailers who have all signed up to a Charter of Excellence with the primary objective to deliver absolute peace of mind and reassurance to the consumer that the choice they have made is based on proven quality in products and installation, all backed by a guarantee.  It’s not about any one business or any one profile – its USP rests in the customer service and product excellence delivered by CIN members.

From a CIN member’s perspective they can now access a broad range of business services from leading companies – from web development and PR right through to sales and product training.”

The CIN is gathering significant momentum with plans to launch a range of initiatives in 2015 to raise the profile and relevance of CIN retailers among home owners.

A&B Glass Group marketing manager Shaun Croft is confident that consumers will embrace the certified installer scheme, Shaun comments: “from a home owners perspective, choosing new fenestration can be a minefield when it comes to deciphering the merits of one system over another, but in reality the biggest challenge is often in choosing an appropriate company to deliver the installation.

That’s where CIN comes in.  It’s not about recommending one particular profile or system, it’s about providing absolute reassurance to the home owner that they are in safe hands with a CIN member.”

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