As many of you know, I am a fan of numbers and stats. They help tell the story of something. In this case, the numbers I am publishing in this post show the progress of this website, and help to show just how far it has come in the near 6 years it has been live. Numbers and stats matter, whether you believe it or not. It is data that can show what is being done well and what needs improvement. That is why I will always take great pride in this site’s stats and the story they tell.

This is how the site performed in 2014 compared to the previous year. I have looked at the number of visitors, the number of unique visitors and total number of page views. Some of the more important data sets from my point of view:

[xyz-ihs snippet=”DGB2014vs2013″]

I am happy to see all three types of figures show large increases in 2014. In 2013, the number of visitors and unique visitors rose in comparison to 2012, but the number of page views fell. I made a big push in 2014 to make sure that didn’t become a trend, and as the chart above shows, that hard work paid off in a big way.

As for other reviews of the site in 2014, you can find them in the new Reviews section of the site.

For this year, it’s probably an obvious thing to say that I want to surpass the figures above. I was hoping that I would break the 250k page views barrier in 2014, but I fell just a tad short. So my first step is to pass that mark this year. Pushing the boat out a bit, hitting 300k page views would be amazing. I am working on two new social media platforms in LinkedIn and Google+ to try and make new industry connections and show off DGB to those who may not have seen it yet.

I’m also working to improve my content this year. I admit that some of the posts that went live were not some of my best. I’ve also taken on board comment from some that the sponsored content was getting too mixed up with my own writing. So I am making a serious effort to make sure that every post I put out is the best work I can do.

Thanks to all who read, commented and shared my links in 2014. It was greatly appreciated, and hopefully you’ll all continue to come back in 2015 and help grow the site for the sixth year running!

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