As you may have seen on Monday evening, Design, the new online magazine feature I have been teasing over the past week or so, went live. And the reaction to it has been so overwhelmingly positive! I have mad message both on social media and in private to tell me what they think of it and I’m glad so many of you think this is a good thing.

Total focus on design

The whole idea behind this feature is to show off the aesthetics of some of the best work our industry is doing right now. As far as I can tell there isn’t yet anything like this specifically for our industry, so I thought I would try and fill that gap with my own attempt.

As you can see with the layout, I am trying to focus the whole page on the design and looks of the uploaded project. The main landing page is comprised of all uploaded projects, with the option to read a preview of the project, a gallery to flick through some of the other photos associated with that work, and a button that allows you to read more about that project.

I want to thank the guys at McDermott Windows and Olsen UK for providing Design with some starter projects to help get the ball rolling. Their help has been immense and it will not be forgotten.

Getting involved

If you go to the main Design landing page you’ll see a big blue banner where you can click a button which will take you to a page where you can upload your own project.

As you can see by the examples of work already on there, Design is all about the installations that are seriously sexy. If you think you have projects lurking in your files on your computer that look something like those examples do, or better, I want you to get involved! If you take a look at one of the individual project pages, that how you can expect your page to look. Big banner background gallery of other images, contact details and a write up of the work.

If you do have a project you would like to submit, please click the Upload Your Project button, read the bullet points and use the form to upload your project.

I hope that this will grow over time to become a beacon for the industry’s very finest work. As I mentioned in a post last week, I believe that our industry does some of the finest work in the wider construction sector, and I want to use Design to show this off both to ourselves, and the increasing number of homeowners finding this website.

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