What a wonderful world of colour our industry now enjoys. The last decade has seen a real transformation in how our industry markets itself to the homeowner. White, Light Oak and Rosewood are no longer your only options. Thanks to a demand driven by the consumer, and a better understanding of how our products should be sold and installed, colours are now very much part of our industry’s day to day runnings.

Making colour easy

For most installers, the process of having their windows and doors custom sprayed involves their supplier firstly producing their and delivering their products, usually on a lead time of at least a few weeks. Once the installer has their products, either they have to deliver them to a colour specialist, or the specialist picks them up, once they have been take apart in preparation to be sprayed. Then it takes a week to be sprayed. Then it has to be picked up or delivered back.

For those on a long-ish lead time, that process isn’t a problem. But for some it will be. There will be those who will want to cut down on the work involved in getting their products sprayed and reduce the lead time too.

Kolorseal, one of the industry’s best and most experienced sprayers, are far more than just sprayers. As you may or may not know, they are a Eurocell stockist. They have a large selection of Eurocell ancillary products. They can also supply windows and doors in numerous profile suites. That means if you’re after coloured windows and doors on a quick turnaround, Kolorseal are on hand to help you out.

The service is a good one. Why wait weeks and weeks to get the coloured windows and doors you need for your contract? Kolorseal are able to supply the windows and doors you need, to the sizes you need, in the colours you need – all without you getting in the your van to drop them off or Kolorseal having to come and pick them up. So next time you’re in the market place for coloured windows and doors and quickly, why not enquire as to how Kolorseal could assist you?


Tel: 01924 454856

Web: www.kolorseal.co.uk

Email: sales@kolorseal.co.uk

Twitter: @kolorseal

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