My post about the power of composite doors online the other day proved a popular one. So it was suggested to me that I could look at the performance of solid roof searches online within the wider conservatory roof market. That’s exactly what I did.

This first trends graph shows four terms:


Green = “conservatory roof” | Yellow = “conservatory glass roof” | Red = “conservatory solid roof” | Blue = “conservatory roof replacement”

Now that big green line should be taken with a pinch of salt. I wanted to include the term “conservatory roof” to try and encompass and show the general traffic stream surround conservatory roofs. It’s not hugely accurate. But you’ll notice how the green line drops away during the worst years of the recession and then really starts to pick up from 2011 onwards, roughly the time when solid roofs started to make headway into the conservatory refurbishment market. But that doesn’t show us how solid roof search traffic compares to other factors. So for the next trending graph I took out the “conservatory roof” term.


Yellow = “conservatory roof replacement” | Red = “conservatory glass roof” | Blue = “conservatory solid roof”

In this one, I have tried to use terms that I think most homeowners would most likely use to start their search off on the conservatory roof journey. You’ll notice that all three options start to take off around the 2010/2011 mark, which corresponds with the patterns in the first trending graph.

You’ll also notice that the red line indicating searches for glass roofs are still way ahead of solid roof searches indicated in blue. So in the battle of online traffic, glass roofs are winning, at least for now.

What does this really mean?

The results in the second trends graph surprised me a little. Given how much industry talk there has been online about solid roofs, coupled with a very strong uptake from homeowners on the product, I expected the solid roof line to be way above glass roofs.

When you look at these trend graphs, they take into account all searches to do with the products. They may not all be strictly homeowners looking for the product. They are taking into account everything searched using that term. So when you look at it that way, it’s probably even more surprising that solid roofs aren’t doing better, considering pretty much all the conservatory sector has talked about for the last three years is solid roofs!

The market for solid roofs is still really only a few years old. I suspect that the blue and red lines will cross paths sometime soon. Solid roofs definitely on the up though, and there is definitely a trend for it’s search power to keep on increasing over time. Good news for suppliers and installers of the product, just a little more patience needed.

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