If you’re reading this very article on your smartphone, it’s highly likely that the glass your finger is on right now is made by the very same company who have put together this very slick video. The company is called Corning and they are glass specialists. This latest video from the company wants to demonstrate to you that if we’re living in an age right now, it would be the glass age:

You have to admit, Corning make some pretty awesome videos about glass. If you check out their YouTube channel you will find A Day Made of Glass 1 & 2, both excellent videos demonstrating the versatility and diversity of glass, including hints to our very own window and door industry.

This latest video wants to show us that glass is such an integral part of our lives now. Not just in the conventional ways we’re already used to, but in ways we have yet to imagine and in ways we sometimes forget. There is of course a nod to the architectural side of things, and of course it’s worth remembering that without glass non of us would be in a job in this industry!

Just thought I’d post something a little different for your Saturday morning reading!

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