Well, it’s finally here, polling day in the 2015 General Election. It seems to have been a marathon election campaign, with the battle for votes starting in effect at the start of 2015. We’ve had numerous debates, speeches, interviews, and I’m pretty sure we’re all sick and tired of it by now! Thankfully it ends soon, or does it?

Election just the beginning

So when we go to the polls to cast our vote to decide on the next Government, it’s all but certain that it’s going to be another dead heat. This means that even though we’ve all done our bit, this election will only be the signal of the start of much bigger and much more important talks to come.

Will there be another coalition? Will one party try and run a highly unlikely minority government? Well we have three weeks to find out as that is when a Queen’s Speech has to be written and voted on. If it’s voted down that will be a loss of confidence in the Government and another General Election will be happening.

Whatever happens though, I won’t actually be able to report on it as I’ll be on holiday thinking about what time to go swimming rather than what type of government I’ll be flying back to.

What I do hope though is that something substantial is formed soon after. There is nothing worse for business than uncertainty, and with growth slowing and construction slowing, the last thing the UK economy wants is anything to potential derail the forward progress being made further.

As always all comments on this are welcome in the section below. I’ll have Wi-Fi access while I’m away so I can make sure I keep the conversation going :-)

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