Have you heard the news? There’s going to be a heatwave this week. A proper one! This will come as good news for many I am sure who have been sick and tired of the grey dull mornings, cloudy days and piddly temperatures. It is summer after all. And good weather normally brings some kind of boost to business. If you’re a beach, an ice cream seller, BBQ stockist, if you sell beer or any other sort of outdoorsy product, you’re in for a bumper week. But what about windows and doors?

Beach or home improvements?

It is sometimes said that better weather has a positive effect on window and door sales. And it makes sense. You hear all the time from homeowners that they wait until the better weather to start getting things like new windows and doors installed.

Realistically though, I find that when the hot weather hits, people use their time to go out for the day. They go to the beaches, the park lands, walking routes, even just the beer gardens. Shopping for new windows and doors can wait another day while everyone enjoys the rare fine weather.

And I don’t blame them. We rarely get a chance to enjoy Mediterranean or Caribbean weather, so the idea of spending that rare time in showrooms or having sales people in your home doesn’t seem to be that appealing.

Weather for the fitters

This sort of weather however is great for our industry’s installers. Instead of having to worry about dodging showers, working in the drizzle and being generally cold and fed up, it’s time to get the pins out and the sun cream on and crack on in temperatures set to soar past 30 degrees.

There are of course things to take into consideration when working in hot weather:

  • keep hydrated – it’s a physical job and lots of energy is exerted when installing new windows and doors. Drink plenty of water!
  • slap on the sun screen – it’s easy to burn when all you’re wearing is shorts and a vest. Keep it applied regularly to avoid burn or sun stroke

It’s not known yet how long this good spell will actually last. But I reckon it’s a safe bet to say that come the weekend it will be back to normal British weather, with rain, wind and cloud spoiling it for the many who have the weekend off!

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