The world of door cylinders is a very competitive market place. In fact as far as the various parts of our industries go, locks and door cylinders is probably the most cut throat. But in the last few weeks, the door cylinder market has stepped things up a bit with the launch of Ultion from Brisant.

Lock down

There are many high security door cylinders out there in the market. All claim to do many things. However in reality some of these cylinders don’t always deliver on their promises. I know this because we have tested quite a few of them now and some have been great, some have been disappointing. So what makes Ultion any different to the other models out there already?

Well, a feature called Lock Down Mode sets this cylinder apart from all the rest. Rather than me try and explain this feature, I’ll let one of their videos do that:

For me, this was one of the features that grabbed me. I’ve not seen a feature like this on any other door cylinder so far, and clearly makes it different and more advanced that other door cylinders.

But it’s not only that single feature that makes the Ultion door cylinder so advanced:

  • 11 pins giving 294,970 different key combinations
  • cylinder is designed so that the key cleans the lock every time it is used
  • huge array of internal anti-drill pins
  • Ultion keys and locks registered NOT registered to address, for security purposes
  • a molybdenum core for the cam, which is 25% denser than iron and can withstand over 300,000 pounds of pressure
  • passes the 3 star diamond sold secure test
  • lock still operates internally even when attacked from the outside and all sacrificial parts are lost

Find out more here

There’s probably more but you get the point. When it comes to high security door cylinders, this is the new benchmark.

Early online buzz

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really aware of the Ultion door cylinder until locksmiths on Twitter started tweeting and talking about it. Every single comment I saw from there was hugely positive and there seemed to be a bit of hype building around the product.

Then the Ultion made it’s first steps into the window and door industry, after really only keeping to the locksmith side of things. And I bet they’re very glad they did!

The uptake from our industry for the Ultion door cylinder has been rapid to say the least. A great number of industry suppliers and fabricators have very quickly taken this new product on board, and I don’t mind saying myself that we’re also pricing up our doors now with this cylinder. If you’ve seen it in person, tested it and read up on the product, it’s hard to ignore it’s quality.

I’m not quite sure if Brisant are ready for big numbers of regular sales, but if they’re not, they I think they need to be. I can see a great swathe of our industry taking up this new door cylinder. There’s a huge number of selling points to it, and if you have already had the Brisant reps in, you’ll already know how competitively price the product is.

This isn’t a sponsored post, and I’ve not been paid to write it. But there comes a time to tip one’s hat and give credit where it’s due, and this is one such time. A great product with great appeal to an industry that will take a product like this on board and run with it.

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