Well, I couldn’t resist it any longer, Double Glazing Blogger is now officially on Facebook!

A platform I could not ignore

Personally I am not a fan of Facebook as a social network. I think of it as a tad juvenile. A place to spy on ex’s, friends and a place where general gossip can easily turn into a full blown mega argument in the space of a few short comments.

That being said, Facebook is very effective in other areas. As a social network it is the most used by anyone anywhere in the world. It has more active monthly users in the world. It is very good when it comes to promotion of content and gains more comments and interactions on posts on it’s walls than any other platform. So given the fact that Google+ is about to be canned, I could not hold off joining any longer.

You’ll notice that I have added a Facebook widget in the side menu and in the footer section below.

Industry and home owner interaction

I won’t be setting up a Facebook page just for it to become a place where I post my content. Now that I have a consumer section that I aim to grow, I hope in the future that both the industry and home owners will come to find the page useful.

It will be a place where I post comments, thoughts, images and of course links to content. But I hope that plenty will interact with the page and find what is posted on there engaging. I’ll respond to comments, make comments of my own, post things which I hope people will find useful, informative and occasionally entertaining!

Now I’ll only ask this once, and I promise to keep it to a minimum on Twitter as I know how annoying it can be, but if you use Facebook and like what DGB does for the industry, give the page a like and help spread the love as far and wide as you can. I’m looking to grow DGB and this all forms a part of a wider plan!

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