As far as features go on this website, Design has to be one of the ones I’m most proud of. I saw the rise in online magazines showcasing amazing architecture, interior design and the general luxury lifestyle, yet I saw nothing specifically for our industry. This is when I created Design. My own attempt at showing off some of the industry most jaw dropping installations. It got off to a decent start, but now it needs a fresh batch of work!

Luxury installations wanted!

The purpose of Design to show off the very best and inspiring work our industry does at a residential level. This site has a growing home owner base, and with the launch of DGB Consumer a few weeks ago, it’s likely that consumer traffic is going to grow.

Design will be useful for home owners who might be looking to have new windows and doors to their home, but are unsure when it comes to design, colour and general aesthetics.

I feel like windows and doors are seen as an un-sexy purchase. Naturally I disagree with that, and with Design I aim to put that right.

To make this work and continue to grow, it needs your input. The installations that are currently being showcased on Design have been kindly supplied by readers of this site. Here are a selections of some of the awesome installs already on there:

The companies that own those installations on Design all have links to their websites, contact details on their pages and extended galleries of the rest of the installation. It means should a home owner stumble on that case study and like what they see they can contact the company that did the work. A win for the consumer and the company.

So, the groundwork has been laid, it’s time to continue building. If you like what you see and you want to see your jaw dropping installation on there, get in touch via email. All I need is an image to use as a main background, a few extra ones to create a gallery from, and a write up to describing the work. That’s it. If you send it all to I can do the rest.

I really think Design has legs, and would love your support to help it grow and become a bridge between the fenestration industry and home owners.

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