The window and door industry certainly is becoming a colourful place to be. Not so long ago window and door sales were dominated by just a few options, mainly white, with the rest being made up of Rosewood and Light Oak. But things move on, home owner tastes change and those changes can be rooted back to the door sector.

Doors breaking ground

When composite doors first hit the market, although there weren’t as many colours as there are now, the blues, blacks, greens and reds showed home owners that picking white for their new entrance door wasn’t the only option available to them.

Black quickly became the staple choice for many home owners, and is now one of the most popular colours chosen. Now however, that colour choice has expanded way beyond those standard colours, and into the door panel market and the wider PVCu market. Take some of these doors as a good example of where the door market is right now:

Funky and fun. That’s what colour can do to a door. And colour isn’t reserved to doors now.

Window tastes changing

Doors have lead the way, windows are now following suit. The trend for coloured windows is definitely on the rise. Just like white doors, white windows have been around longer than most first time buyers have been alive. When it comes round to changing windows, people don’t want to go for the same thing they’re getting rid of. So colour is a great way to give a home a face lift.

The colour revolution hasn’t stopped there either. Products like soffits, fascias and guttering are also getting the colour treatment too. The right colour can really transform the roofline areas of homes where once they were plain and very much the same as the rest of the street. A coloured door, contrasting with classy coloured windows and eye catching roofline can totally transform the look of any home.

Kolorseal colouring all products

Everything just stated above can be sprayed by colour experts Kolorseal. Over the past decade they have risen quickly to become the industry’s leading colour specialists. A focus on quality, choice and customer service have helped installers and fabricators enter the colour market and attract new streams of revenues.

And when it comes to roofline products that need to be coloured, Kolorseal are also a Eurocell stockist too. So no need to worry about getting product delivered, then sending it somewhere to be sprayed. Kolorseal can handle all that for you.

If you’re looking to expand your business and explore the possibilities with colour, Kolorseal can help you with that.




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