You may start to see a few changes coming to this site over the coming days and weeks. For those who know me, this sort of tinkering is to be expected.

There are reasons behind this latest series of changes. It has occurred to me that with well over 2000 articles published on this site over the past six and a half years, very little of that content is on display. Only using the site;s search function will dig the old stuff up.

So, over the coming weeks, you’re going to start to see banners popping up on the home page and other areas of the site which are a bit like this:


I teased this particular banner on Twitter the other night. These new banners will create their own section of content for specific types of posts. So in this case, anything on the technology front will have its own section. This will show up content specific on this area. There will be same for other types, such as product reviews, personal analysis.

This way, content that may have previously been consigned to the history books can be more easily accessed. I will be introducing these new sections over the coming weeks.

Name change?

One other, slightly more dramatic change I am considering at the moment is whether to change the name of this site.

Double Glazing Blogger started out as a very generic term, and one really to get the ball rolling all those years ago. But since then it has sort of snowballed.

Yet, this industry is far more than just double glazing. Even over the last few years the industry has diversified and expanded so much that the term “double glazing” is becoming less and less relevant.

The problem is though, I can’t think of a good name. It would need to be a name which encompasses all facets of the sector, whilst sounding slick at the same time. If you guys have any ideas on what would make a good new name for this site, please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Or do I need to change it at all?

I am also toying around with the forum idea again. I’m not saying I’m definitely going to give it a go. Forums require a lot of work, and I’m still considering if DGB really needs one. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

So, as these updates to the site happen, I’d love your feedback, be it on here or on Twitter. Hopefully these changes will help the site continue to grow and be more relevant to the site’s loyal readership.

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