The wraps have finally been taken off Raum properly and the industry now has a chance to get a good look around at Raum and it’s four new products it promises to “push the boundaries of style and performance”. Here’s the stuff we need to know about this new, high-end range of aluminium door products from Dekko Window Systems.

Slick website

First, allow me to get my nerdy-ness out of the way first and talk about the Raum website.

It is very well put together, with the craftsmen in this case being the team at Purplex:

Raum home page

The imagery is stunning, on all pages. They have done a very good job of building up the high-end atmosphere around the site through their use of imagery. The colour scheme fits in perfectly with products based around aluminium and high-end products. And of course the website works well on smartphones and tablets, a key component to any successful website. It’s also very easy to navigate around the site. There aren’t too many pages within the whole website, but there doesn’t need to be, and all the important information and images are efficiently presented on the pages.

Right, that’s enough geekery about the website, on to the stuff that matter, the products!

Product options

There are four main product ranges within the Raum suite; Terassi, Terassi+, Gleiten and Schommel. Within each of these four main products, there are a variety of options, so lets break them all down.

Terassi – patio door

Raum patio door

Terassi+ – wide span

Raum patio door

Gleiten – bifold door

Raum patio door

Schommel – slide & swing doors

Raum patio door

Clearly four very good product ranges within the Raum suite. But I think the biggest surprise of all is the inclusion of some PVCu options. Most will have expected this to be an all-aluminium affair. However I think this is a smart move from Raum makers Dekko.

Firstly from a price perspective. PVCu should in theory be a slightly cheaper option than their aluminium counterparts. By having a PVCu option in the Terassi and Schommel ranges, it allows Dekko to sell the Raum brand, with all it’s bells and whistles, to those who may not be able to stretch to aluminium prices.

Secondly, and as hard as this might be for the die hard aluminium fans, some people just prefer PVCu. By including some PVCu varieties, Dekko are ensuring that lovers of both materials have options they can look at.

Sign of the times

The Raum range itself is yet another new brand aimed at the higher end of the market. No cheap and cheerful products here. And it is yet another sign of where the UK window and door market is heading. It’s heading there quickly.

From memory, I can’t remember a recent product launch that wasn’t aimed at the high end of the market. This is a reflection on the industry and where it thinks the future is. But is also an indication that home owners and the general public are looking for better quality options when it comes to windows and doors.

I haven’t seen the products in person, or had them in my hand yet. However, if the images and text are to be taken at face value, this should be another high quality addition to the aluminium sector and should prove a new and successful string to the Dekko Window Systems bow.

Find out more about Raum here

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