The rise of colour has been one of the success stories from the window and door industry over the past few years. No longer are windows and doors restricted to a choice of white, Rosewood or Light Oak. The imaginations of home owners have been sparked and people feel more confident about moving away from white for their new windows and doors.

Black and red

Up until now, colours like black and red have been very popular with home owners, especially on the door front. When it comes to windows, Anthracite Grey probably wins the title for most popular colour. If you go up and down the streets local to you, I’m fairly confident that at least one house now has a red or black front door.

Blue has been a fairly popular choice, with grey also being a strong seller too. Yet I fear that these bold, prime, bright colours may soon become too popular. I even think there is a risk that black might become the new white. I have even had a couple of customers in our showroom the past week or so saying that they didn’t want a black door because their neighbours already had one.

And therein lies the problem. The rush to colour has been so popular, that there is a risk that some colours may be oversold and fall out of favour with the public as quickly as they fell in love with it.

Heritage and bespoke

For me, the colour industry is still in it’s primary phase. Black, reds, blues and greys are popular now, but won’t be forever. Like every market, it matures, and it’s customers mature along with it. Not everyone is going to want a black door or grey windows. So where does the future lie?

Well it lies in the heritage and bespoke markets. I’m not saying blues and greys are going to disappear, on the contrary. I believe that we’re going to see more bespoke versions of these colours. Through Kolorseal, we ave already sprayed a wide range of doors and windows a variety of blue, red and grey colours. Crucially, all bespoke colours, not the standard manufacturer ones. These have been at the request of the home owner, not wanting something others on the street already have.

There heritage range will also become a bigger market. As home owners learn of the infinite possibilities with colour, traditional timber colours, like the sage greens, silver greys, lichens and so on will rise in popularity.

In the end, the streets of the UK will look a whole lot prettier in a couple of decades time than they did in the nineties!

Spray, not foil

The key now is getting the windows and doors those colours. Suppliers cannot stock every single colour as a foil finish. It’s too expensive and logistically impossible. So this is where Kolorseal, a company with over a decade of experience in spraying PVCu and aluminium products becomes your key partner.

Established over ten years ago, Kolorseal have quickly developed a reputation for quality and service, with a spray finish second to non. Crucially, they spray in both RAL and Farrow & Ball ranges, with the latter of those two becoming very popular in the past few years.

After using Kolorseal for many of our own windows and doors, I can personally say that the finish and range is superb. We can’t stock every colour in a foil that’s for sure, but when our customers have seen the end result, it really doesn’t matter. They are happy they have got the colour they wanted, and we’re happy that the customer has a product they can admire for many years.




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