This time last year I wrote a post which highlighted five companies to look out for during 2015. Click here to take a look at my predictions and judge for yourself how close I was in the end. I don’t think I did too badly. So now it’s time to take a look at five companies that might make a few waves during 2016.


These guys caught my attention last year with their super innovative range of seamless glazing. A new range of windows and doors where the outer face of glass overlaps on the outside of the frame to create a seriously impressive finish around the edge:

The beauty of this product is the outer pan of glass which overlaps on the outside of the frame, with the outer edge of that glass coated in a variety of different colours to really create a stunning, seamless look. True glazing innovation that puts design right at the heart of the product.

The specs are impressive too, with Apeer pushing the boundaries of triple glazing with 50mm triple glazed sealed units. That’s 6mm deeper than the industry-accepted standard of 44mm. Lumi is available in timber or PVCu, and in a range of different colours and finishes.

Be sure to see check out the Apeer stand at the FIT Show to take a closer look at what I think will be one of the stand out products of 2016.


In the second half of last year, Ultraframe’s UltraSky lantern roof product really gained traction. This year, I see no reason why UltraSky won’t continue it’s very quick growth within the exploding lantern roof market.

I have sold this product and seen it installed and I can say that in the world of lanterns, aluminium is the way to go. PVCu versions just don’t bring that same air of build quality to the table. It’s a quality product that will prove to be a profitable diversification for Ultraframe.

However, they won’t have an easy ride. Many will have heard of Atlas, the dedicated lantern roof company. Tech analysts would call them “disruptors”, the type of new company that comes in and shakes things up a bit. The industry has taken to these guys and their quality products as well. So it will be an interesting battle as to who comes out on top in 2016.

Ultraframe’s deep and expansive fabricator network should ensure that the UltraSky finds it’s way into many homes during this year.


I included these guys last year after their run of acquisitions and impressive growth. Then came the WarmCore aluminium/PVCu hybrid bi-folding door, and the industry really did greet that with open arms.

A quality diversification that has since seen Synseal shift these doors in good numbers. But they were lacking something. A window product to go with it. Well, as of the late evening of Wednesday January 6th, CEO David Leng announced on his LinkedIn feed that the long rumoured WarmCore window exists and is in production and ready to go. The announcement came with this image:

If the window is as good as the door, then this should be a product we will be hearing lots about. We sell the WarmCore bi-folds at our place, so I’m hoping to get some samples of the new range into the showroom so I can give it the DGB treatment. I expect good things of this one.


When it comes to key-less door technology, I feel like we’re limping to the tipping point. Yale had a good go with their Keyfree door handles, but it never really took off in the number we, and probably they, expected it to. Even with a hefty TV campaign to raise awareness.

However, as you may or may not have seen at the last FIT Show, MACO had introduced a brand new keyless door entry product called openDoor, which got plenty of attention on their stand:

It comes with three options; NFC, keypad or finger print. My personal favourite is the finger print, and when it comes to renewing my front door at home, I may be asking one or two favours from a couple of people!

On a serious note though, MACO’s openDoor product represents the most realistic opportunity of getting Joe public to ditch their keys in favour of a more 21st century way of securing their home. And it looks good too. Each of the three options are mounted on brushed aluminium plates independent of any door handle. So the door looks like a normal door, with the technology quietly doing it’s stuff in the background.

I have high hopes for this in 2016. It may not sell in mass, but if it starts to shift a few units, then perhaps we can say we’ve seen a hint of change.

Sage Glass

Last year, one of my favourite glass innovations was electrochromic glass from the guys at Sage Glass. Check out this video:

Imagine what this product could do in 2016 for the UK glazed extension market. Roofs and bi-folds could be transformed in an instant, giving total climate control to the home owner.

Sage tried to bring this to market in the UK last year, but hit a few speed bumps. However, those bumps have been cleared and it looks like we may start to see the first few residential installations of this brilliant glass product. Whilst the current pricing point will mean not everyone will be able to afford it, those that can will create stunning installations that work with hand in hand with the habits and comforts of the home owner.

I have high hopes for this one in 2016.

Notable mentions:

  • John Fredericks – be sure to check out their fantastic 44mm Rustique 3 triple glazing at the FIT Show in April. Demonstrating how triple glazing should have been done in the first place!
  • Residence 9 – can’t say too much right now, but be sure to visit their stand at the FIT Show as well. Their R&D department have been busy by all accounts!
  • Prefix Systems – their Garden Room solid roof has to be their crowning glory, but never ones to sit still, these guys might have a few tricks up their sleeve to show off later on this year.

I’ll check back later on in the year to see how right or wrong I have been with these predictions!

If you have any of your own hot picks for 2016, be sure to leave them via the comments section below.

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