When Jim and Chris Shearn of fast-expanding West-Country fabricator Seal-Lite Group decided they needed a new welder amongst other machinery two years ago, they decided to put their buying decisions on hold until The FIT Show, which was due to take place a few months later in 2014.

They reasoned that rather than driving around the country looking at the equipment they were interested in from the companies they had identified as potential suppliers, The FIT Show could allow them to compare machines virtually side by side, all under the same roof at the same time. They reasoned that they could save time, hundreds of miles travelling and possibly achieve a better price too.

Their patience paid off, as Jim explains: “there were a number of welding machines on our radar, all exhibiting at FIT Show, in particular a 4 head inline welding machine from Haffner-Murat, the SMR-4. It had some new features and benefits over and above machines offered by other suppliers but I had no idea about the build quality offered by this company.

“I am an engineer with an aerospace background and understand and appreciate engineering, build-quality and technology and I took the opportunity to literally climb all over the machine, on top of it and as far inside it as I could get. One of their team said to me that he had never seen anyone climb over one of their machines like it at a show before. But clearly we were impressed because we bought it there and then,” added Jim.

Jim is one of a large band of professionals that are committed to using The FIT Show as the hub for their company’s purchasing activities, realising that it presents the perfect opportunity to see, touch and try products and equipment in a matter of hours that would otherwise take several months to evaluate.

“We felt the show saved us time and money and we are looking forward to this year’s FIT Show in April,” said Jim.

More than 175 exhibitors are taking part at The FIT Show which takes place at The International Centre Telford on the 12th, 13th and 14th of April 2016. Entry is free but registering now at www.fitshow.co.uk will offer fast access to the halls when you get there.

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