You might have seen a few tweets from the DGB Twitter account over the past couple of weeks hinting towards a new section on DGB that was currently under construction. I’m happy to say that it is now complete and I am happy to show it to you all.

DGB Features

Over the years DGB has grown to become a massive site in terms of the number of posts written and the subjects it covers, which isn’t a bad thing. What it does mean however is that once certain posts are written, they are often lost to the history books, unless you use the search function on the site to find the posts you want to read.

I have toyed with a few different tactics in the past to keep relevant but older posts alive, including changing the layout and content displayed on the front page of DGB. Some things have worked, some things have not. So I decided to use a totally different approach.

Rather than try and find ways to keep recycling older posts within the same DGB framework, I decided to take a different approach, and that approach was to create something called DGB Features.

What is it?

I think the best way to describe DGB Features would be to see it as a more concentrated version of DGB, a DGB Lite or DGB 2.0 kind of thing. In essence it is a more refined, concentrated look at the most important and noteworthy areas of the window and door industry.

This more refined area of DGB will focus on market reports and trends, M & A (mergers and acquisitions) within the sector, product reviews and analysis, mini-series’ and regular featured articles. There’s a few regular DGB thrown in there for good measure too. So if you’re after the harder hitting content, the more detailed anaylsis and opinion on the window and door industry, you’ll find it on DGB Features.

DGB v5.0?

I showed a friend of mine a preview of DGB Features before I went and published this post and he commented that the site looked a lot cleaner and a lot less cluttered than the current layout. I agreed with him, it does.

So I am going to trial how DGB Features performs and gauge the feedback. If people like what they see, I may embark on a complete re-design, naturally as we’re on the fourth version right now, this would be DGB v5.0.

It won’t be something I would rush into. People get used to familiarity and the layout of a website. But if DGB Features proves popular then I think it would make sense to roll out that new look across all parts of DGB.

On a side note, DGB broke it’s all-time daily visitor record on Monday 1st February, by a fair bit. So a big thanks from me to everyone who helped get there!

Please let me know what you think of DGB Features via the comments section below. All critiques and criticisms welcome and as always, I will look to tweak and improve as time goes on.

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