I’m always a little dubious when it comes to TV advertising of home improvement products. Some are good, some really are not. When it comes to windows and doors specifically, I can’t really say I’ve seen one that I watched and been genuinely impressed with.

I think the problem lies in how most of them go about advertising the product. A lot focus too much on the product itself. Unlike the new Homebase advert. Seen it? If not, it’s worth spending a minute to watch it:

Lifestyle, not product

Rather than the focus being on the product itself, Homebase tells the story about the effect that product has on the people at home. In comparison, just about every window and door advert I’ve seen on TV focuses more on the product, or more often than not, discounts and sales.

They don’t mention price. No sales. No discounts. Just the effects those products have at home. And surely that is the point? Whenever we buy a product it’s not because we just want to own it. We buy something because it will have an effect on our lives, no matter how big or small that effect is.

Instead, our industry has worn the well tread road of using sales and discounts to pull the punters in. Not many mentions of how the products will change the way the purchaser lives in their home. One or two, but not many.

I think if industry advertising focused more on lifestyle and less on the cheap and tacky stuff, the perception of our sector would be a bit more improved.

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