Accoya is a brand of specially engineered timber – it is durable, thermally efficient and eco-friendly. It is created through the acetylation wood modification process and is renowned for its high quality. Looking at these factors as a whole, it is clear to see why it is ideal for use in timber windows, doors and glazed extensions.

Why will it benefit your company?

Offering Accoya wood products will help you entice new customers and maintain existing ones. Promise beautiful aesthetics, impressive insulation, reduced maintenance and long lasting durability.

Not only will you be able offer technologically advanced products, but your home improvement company will also gain a reputation as being environmentally friendly – ideal for appealing to the most discerning of customers.

How does Accoya improve the performance of windows and doors?

Aesthetics: Naturally beautiful, timber is the ideal choice for authentic windows and doors. Accoya wood and its transformed cell structure significantly reduces corrosion, UV discolouration and other aesthetically damaging effects. For example, coatings last for 4 years more than when they are applied to ordinary woods.

Durability: Thanks to its modified cell structure, Accoya wood is one of the strongest used in home improvements. The technological process reduces its ability to absorb water, which results in windows and doors 80% less likely to erode, warp or bow – gone are maintenance worries!

Insect Barrier: The change in the cells structure during the wood modification process means that insects find it harder to recognise Accoya as wood. It is also indigestible for those insects that do recognise it. They are therefore far less likely to attack it and reduce its lifespan or quality – this also results in removed maintenance hassle.

Energy Efficiency: An impressive natural insulator, Accoya performs much better than other wood species in terms of thermal performance. This allows you to promise your customers reduced energy usage and expenditure.

Reddish Joinery is one company that benefits from Accoya

Only certified installers can offer their customers windows, doors and glazed extensions made from Accoya – one such company is Reddish Joinery. Experts in timber and uPVC home improvement installations since 1967, Reddish have seriously benefitted from offering Accoya products – they are proud to use the sustainably sourced product, and pleased to be able to offer enhanced aesthetics, durability and maintenance ease to homeowners.

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