Residence 9 (R9), with its now well-known strapline, ‘Windows the way they’re meant to be’, transformed the market when it was launched at the FIT Show 2013. So expectations were high for the launch of The Residence Collection at this year’s Show.

The makers of Residence 9 launched the new Residence Collection on a huge, striking stand. Residence 7, Residence 8, and Residence2 now join the fast growing Residence 9 system in an integrated suite of four window and door systems.

R9 has successfully created a vibrant super-premium sector in a market that had been ruled largely by price and commodity thinking. There are now nearly 600 R9 installers, and demand is growing.

Dan Gill, Residence Collection Managing Director says: “R9 has proven that homeowners are happy to pay for windows that look great because they are absolutely right in their detailing and dimensions for older, period, conservation, listed and heritage homes. R9 was designed for British homes and it’s beautiful inside and out. Having been designed without compromise, it performs outstandingly, and architects and developers love it.

“The new Residence Collection is a set of four distinct window and door systems that differ in their dimensions and internal look, yet complement each other perfectly. That’s why we called it the Residence Collection.”

Residence 7 makes windows you’ll dream about. It’s a 75mm system with seven chambers that is flush on the inside and, like the other systems, can have a flush or storm sash on the outside.

Residence 8 brings out the character in your home with a staff bead on the inside. It’s designed to be Graf welded, a revolutionary welding process, so its corners are in a league of their own.

Residence2 is the quickest and easiest window to make because everything about it is square. It looks contemporary and cool, but feels comfortable and warm

The four systems use the same hardware and ancillaries, reducing the amount of stock fabricators need to hold. Installers can even use more than one of the systems on the same building because Residence Collection systems all look the same from the outside. The difference is in frame dimensions, number of chambers and the internal look and character.

“We wanted to create a group of systems that work for fabricators, installers, and homeowners and we think we’ve done it,” Dan continues. “Residence Collection opens up a new world of possibilities. The reception from installers and fabricators at the FIT Show was phenomenal. We’re extremely excited about what the rest of this year will bring.”

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