End users want innovative products that offer lasting benefits, whether for residential or commercial applications. Aluminium bi-folds products are still popular, but there appears to be a new ‘door’ on the block… going by the name of ‘hybrid.’

Why pick one material when you can have two?

The beauty of hybrid aluminium products is that they combine the multiple benefits of different materials. Options include aluminium-clad timber, and a mix of PVC and aluminium.

One rising star that was revealed last year was Synseal’s WarmCore bi-folding door. Utilising innovative “warm aluminium” this product boasts an aluminium exterior with PVC thermal core, which out-performs standard aluminium polyamide thermal breaks.

WarmCore – a sign of things to come

Designed from the bottom up, the WarmCore bi-fold door doesn’t just regurgitate pre-existing technologies. It offers genuinely unique benefits to the end user, whether homeowners or commercial project managers.

Despite the expert R & D process and fantastic outcome, this form of hybrid door is still affordable. It is this combination of innovation and price that will see an influx of hybrid doors into the bi-fold market.

Bi-folds that enhance your business

Users don’t just want one benefit from bi-fold doors – they want a multitude, and style to finish it off. Hybrid doors such as WarmCore offer just this, and are a great asset to product lines, especially if supplied by bi-fold door specialists such as TWR Bifolds, based in Sunderland.

TWR has rightfully gained its name as the aluminium bi-fold door trade supplier of choice, thanks to the quickest lead times in the industry, high quality products and a wide product range, suitable for all applications. Equally, thanks to its recent offering of WarmCore bi-folds, it is now set for future trends and an increased demand for hybrid bi-folds.

Visit the TWR website to learn more about the full range of aluminium and hybrid glazing products: www.twrbifolds.co.uk

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