In just a little while Euro 2016 kicks off in France, not that you may have noticed. The build-up has been a little subdued in my opinion. Nothing like previous tournaments. Perhaps that is because England’s qualification process was a bit dull and straightforward. Perhaps it’s because we performed like over-privileged arses in the last couple of tournaments and disappointed the nation.

Because of this, I don’t believe that the tournament will have an effect on the window and door industry.

Sporting disruption

The generally accepted commentary is that whilst tournaments like The European Championships, World Cups, Olympics etc are ongoing, industries like ours tend to experience a dip in activity. The thinking is that the nation takes a bit of time off to enjoy these few and far between events, and other items, like home improvement, move further down the list of importance.

But I think it is different this time round. England have been so disappointing in the last couple of campaigns that the usual buzz and energy just isn’t there any more. The hardcore football fans will of course watch the games. However the floating interest from non-football supporters won’t be there.

I am fairly confident that our industry will continue as normal through the tournament. I am also fairly confident that we won’t progress into the tournament either. Call me unpatriotic, but after seeing us perform so poorly at the last World Cup, I just don’t have any faith that we can create any success. Happy to be proved wrong though!

Olympics a different matter

What I do think may throw a spanner in the works is the Olympics however. We tend to do quite well at the Olympics, and after a superb home event in 2012, expectations will be high for another good medals haul.

With the Olympics being held in Brazil, and five or six hours behind, it will make for prime time viewing for us here in the UK. This does mean that attentions will be focused on that. I do think that at this point we could experience a dip in activity, especially if we do well.

Of course I hope we do well, but I also hope that any effect the Olympics have on business in general is limited.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Euros will affect the industry in any way, or will they pass without any fuss? All comments welcome via the section below.

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