As you could probably guess, I’ve been away for a week or two. For anyone who is interested, myself and my better half Sophie were in the Dominican Republic at a resort called Bavaro Princess. It’s a stunning resort and would highly recommend it to everyone. If I get the time, I’ll do a personal column article on it.

Keeping to true vacation spirit, I left all work and home related matters exactly where they should be, at home. I did keep a quiet eye on certain things. But in terms of the glazing industry, I was switched off. So, did I miss anything important?

I have had a quick look through Twitter and various online media sites and haven’t yet come across anything Earth-shattering, but if I have missed something then please let me know in the comments section below.

This also means we’re back to regular content now. I pre-wrote some posts and scheduled them to go live whilst I was away, they all seem to be published fine. Back to normal routine now.

I’m also glad to see I have continued to pick up a steady flow of new subscribers, which now stands at 590, nearing that 600 mark. I set myself a target of 1000 naturally sourced subscribers by the end of this year, hopefully I can reach it. It’s important to know that these are people who choose to subscribe, and are not from any database or mass mailer. This adds value to this growing list.

However, there is one issue, and it’s not going to be Euro 2016, that is going to dominate the media in the next two weeks and that is the EU Referendum.

All about #EUref

I did keep an quiet eye on this issue whilst laying on the beach and lying by the pool, and saw that the polls are now swinging more and more in favour of a vote to leave. This is big news.

Also big news was the extension given for last minute voters to register online after the Government website crashed under the weight of last gasp registrations. I thought this was a little in poor taste, given the large amount of time already given to everyone to vote. The Leave campaign didn’t like it. But still, we all know how lethargic the British public are when it comes to voting.

It does seem that we’re veering ever further down the path of #Brexit. I just hope that those who vote to leave and get their wish understand that there will be upheaval and change whilst the political and real life dust settles.

This is going to be a vote that will change us, one way or another. A vote to leave will change ours and Europe’s political landscape, and has the potential to bring down the whole EU project in the long run. A vote to stay will leave a large proportion of society unhappy, and the political divides left very open and very painful. How will the UK keep itself together should this scenario play out?

Either way, nothing will be the same. And if you choose not to vote, then you have no right to complain. You had your chance to make a difference one way or the other.

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