I’m happy to introduce a new and hopefully regular writer to DGB with this post. She probably has the coolest name in UK fenestration, Amelia Annakin. In this post she explores what it’s like to be a new person coming into this most diverse of industries.

As a ‘newbie’ to the fenestration industry (I have been in my current role for nearly seven weeks), I am constantly taken aback by how much there is to know about windows and doors! Ratings, U values, profile types, gaskets, beading styles, differences between 1* and 3* cylinder locks, not to mention the wide range of composite products available – just a small percentage of the amount to learn for someone new in the industry like me.

My ‘glazing glossary’ – which I would be happy to share with any other industry ‘newbies’ – has become my best friend and constant companion. When a term is mentioned in the office that I don’t understand, I quickly refer to my glossary and then ask the team to further explain.

This, alongside frequent meetings with our suppliers and customers, has helped to greatly expand my knowledge over the last couple of months, but I still have a lot to learn.

As a marketer though, looking at the industry from an outsider’s point of view has given me an advantage when promoting products to ‘Joe Public’. When producing marketing materials and speaking to customers, remember that they might not know all the technical terminology used in the industry.

Keep things simple. Customers will not be buying a product because of its features, whether that be that it has a 3* cylinder lock or a low U Value, but because of the benefits e.g. an optimum level of security and lowered energy bills due to higher energy efficiency.

So when marketing and selling to those looking for a new window or door for their home, remember being a ‘newbie’. We were all there once!

About the author: Currently the marketing manager at HWL Windows Group in Armley. Started this role a couple of months ago. Before that I was client services manager at a B2B PR and marketing agency in Halifax called Shrewdd, managing accounts such as Innserve (drinks dispense), Harvard Technology (lighting) and Chicopee (wipes and cloths).

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