The baypole jack from Window Widgets stops windows moving and bricks cracking, so installers know their windows will be safe and structurally secure for the long term. Window Widgets is the leading supplier of ancillaries that make installing windows and doors easier and safer.

Window Widgets’ jack is CE marked and BBA accredited. It is certified by itself, and tested and certified to be used with the Window Widgets baypole.

Window Widgets Managing Director Dan Gill says: “There wasn’t a BBA accreditation for jacks, so we worked with the BBA to create one. Our baypole and jack have been tested separately and together. Testing them together means we know they join correctly and can hold the weight they need to without failing.

“Testing shows that the common failure in baypole installations is where the jack and the pole join. The problem with mixing and matching baypoles and jacks is that if they haven’t been tested together the can fail where they join,” Dan continues. “This can be catastrophic because the aluminium turns almost “molten” (because they’re under so much stress) where they fail, and the installation isn’t structurally sound.

“Using our jack means installers know they’re getting a high quality product that works, and has all the right certification. And its CE Marked so it’s legal,” adds Dan. “Using our complete Jack and Baypole system gives added peace of mind knowing that they complete system is CE Marked” “They know they’re Alright Jack.”

Window Widgets’ jack is available now. You’ll know it’s a Window Widgets jack because of its pink nut.

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